1. Entry and Exit Procedure in microbiology lab personnel and visitors
  2. Entry and Exit procedure in sterility Testing area
  3. Procedure for cleaning and disinfection of Microbiology Lab.
  4. Spring-Cleaning of Microbiology lab Procedure
  5. Cleaning and sterilization of glassware used in Microbiology lab.
  6. Receipt and Issuance of Microbiological media Procedure.
  7. Compound Microscope Operating Procedure
  8. Bacteriological Incubators Operation, Cleaning and Calibration procedure
  9. BOD Incubator operation, cleaning and calibration procedure
  10. Hot air oven operation, clearing and calibration procedure
  11. Operation, Cleaning and Calibration of Laminar Air Flow
  12. Double door Autoclave operation, cleaning and calibration procedure
  13. Vertical Autoclave Operation, cleaning and calibration
  14. Refrigerator Operation and Calibration
  15. Disinfectant/Cleaning solution Preparation in Microbiology
  16. Media Preparation and sterilization used for microbial testing
  17. Staining of microorganisms in both vegetative and spore form procedure
  18. Microbial Culture preparation procedure
  19. Growth promotion test for microbial media
  20. Disinfectant efficacy testing in microbiology
  21. Settle Plate method for Environmental Monitoring in Microbiology Lab
  22. Procurement and maintenance of microbial cultures
  23. Disposal of Microbial Cultures and Culture Media
  24. Handling of Spillage in Microbiology lab procedure
  25. Micropipette operation and calibration
  26. Water BET Test (Purified and WFI)
  27. Vitamins assay by Microbiology
  28. UV lamp validation
  29. Anaerobic Culture Suspension preparation and maintenance SOP

Table of Contents