1. Cleaning method for Equipment and area in production
  2. Fumigation Program in Production area
  3. Equipment log for Production Equipment
  4. Tablet defects and remedies
  5. Types of Blenders in pharmaceutical Applications
  6. SOP of Hold Time Study of Cleaned Equipment (CEHT)
  7. OSD Gowning Procedures
  8. Rapid mixer Granulator Operation, Cleaning and Line clearance SOP
  9. Fluid bed Dryer Operation, Cleaning and line clearance SOP
  10. Multimill operation, Cleaning and line clearance SOP
  11. Compression Machine Capacity Calculation
  12. Metal Detector and Challenge Test
  13. Moisture Balance Operation and Calibration
  14. SOP for Handling Punches and Dies
  15. SOP on Operation of Colloid Mill
  16. Metal Detector
  17. Metal Detector Challenge test
  18. Lubricants in pharmaceutical development process
  19. Diluents and fillers in pharmaceuticals
  20. Leak test for packing materials
  21. Shipper Sealing Machine operation and cleaning
  22. De-blistering Machine Operation
  23. Transferring Finished Products to Finished Goods Stores
  24. Movement of Materials from one stage to another
  25. Cleaning of SS / HDPE containers, Inprocess containers (IPCs), Blender Bins, pallets, new sieve/screen and accessories
  26. Blister packing machine
  27. Return of excess Packing material
  28. Cleaning of Strip Pack Machine
  29. Operating the Strip Pack Machine
  30. Reconciliation and Destruction of Packing Materials
  31. Paste Preparation kettle
  32. In-process checks during the manufacturing of tablets
  33. Multimill Design Qualifications
  34. Tablet inspection belt Operating SOP
  35. Bin Blender Operation
  36. Disposal of Materials in the Tablet Department
  37. Calibration Procedure for Sieves and Screens
  38. Procedure for Footwear Cleaning
  39. Destruction of Rejected Dies and Punches
  40. Blister defects and remedies
  41. 37 stations double rotary compression machine
  42. Mass mixer operation, cleaning and Line clearance
  43. Tablet tooling
  44. Binder Excipients in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  45. Liquid Transfer Pump
  46. Hopper Capacity Calculation


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