Procedure for Footwear Cleaning

1.0 Objective: 

Establishing a Procedure for Footwear Cleaning

2.0 Scope: 

This procedure is applicable to the cleaning of footwear within the production department.

3.0 Responsibility: 

The responsibility for footwear cleaning lies with:

Housekeeping personnel

Production Department Officer and Executive

Production Department Manager

4.0 Definitions: Not Applicable

5.0 Procedure: 

5.1 Cleaning of footwear should occur weekly and follow these steps:

5.2 Gather all footwear from both the male and female changing rooms and place them in a polythene bag labeled “TO BE CLEANED.”

5.3 Transport all the footwear to the washing room.

5.4 Submerge all shoes in a 1% v/v teepol solution for one hour in a plastic bin.

5.5 Use a nylon scrubber to thoroughly clean the inside and outer surfaces of the footwear.

5.6 Drain the teepol solution.

5.7 Rinse all footwear with purified water until all traces of soap are removed.

5.8 Allow the water to drain and use a dry duster to wipe away any remaining moisture.

5.9 Return the shoes to their respective changing rooms.

5.10 Allow the footwear to air dry in the changing rooms.

5.11 After drying, place the cleaned footwear in polythene bags for distribution.

5.12 Maintain a record of the cleaning process as per Annexure-I.

Note: During product changeover (Type B) cleaning, clean the footwear of individuals working in the respective area following the steps outlined in points 5.4, 5.6, and 5.7 within the designated wash area.

6.0 Annexure: 

Annexure-1 : Footwear  cleaning record 

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