Operation, Calibration and Maintenance of Orbital Shaker


To lay down the procedure for Operation, Calibration and Maintenance of Orbital Shaker


This SOP is applicable to operate, calibrate and maintain the orbital Shaker in company Name.




4.1 QC-chemist 

4.2 QC-Executive 

4.3 QC-Head


5.1 Safety Precautions

5.1.1 Use gloves while handling the equipment.

5.1.2 Don’t switch on the equipment with wet hands.

5.1.3 Don’t touch / hold the platform while equipment is in operation.

5.2   Operating Procedure

5.2.1 Connect the power supply and put ON the main power supply with ON/OFF switch provided at the  right side bottom of orbital shaker. A reset button in Green color was provided near ON/OFF switch (used during power fluctuations). 

5.2.2 RPM LED display show as ‘000’.

5.2.3 Fix the flask carefully on the holders provided on the platform of orbital shaker.

5.2.4 Press and hold the set knob and rotate the RPM knob in clockwise direction to set the the desired speed and release the set knob. Then, turn on the motor switch. 

5.2.5 Put off the ‘MOTOR’ switch, after desired time.

5.3  Calibration                                                                      

5.3.1 Calibration of the equipment should be done by the trained individual or in-house service engineer or by the external service engineer.

5.3.2 All the analyst in the laboratory should follow the standard operating procedure prepared for performing calibration of the equipment. Calibration to be done on  scheduled time.

5.3.3 Calibrate the Orbital shaker for RPM.

5.3.4 RPM: Calibrate the orbital shaker for the speed with the help of the calibrated tachometer. Calibrate the orbital shaker for the speed by setting the speed at 100,200 and 300 RPM respectively (each three times). Record the observed speed for the  recommended set speed in Annexure-1.

5.3.5 If the observed values are within acceptance criteria, accept and release the orbital shaker for intended use.

5.3.6 If the values are out of the acceptance criteria, identify the problem, rectify the problem with the help of service engineer and recalibrate the orbital shaker.

5.4  Acceptance criteria

5.4.1 The observed RPM speed should be within ±10.

5.5 Maintenance

5.5.1 Clean the platform at regular intervals. 

5.5.2 Clean the power coat finish of the orbital shaker body with silicon or wax polish.

5.5.3 Since the bearings used are of the sealed type, no greasing is required.

5.5.4 Check the glass fuse (1 Amp) for non-working of the unit.

5.5.5 In case of any noise in the unit, please open the side panel and check for any loose nuts and bolts. If found ,tighten.



Annexure-1-Calibration Record for RPM

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