Operation, Calibration and Maintenance, of Sonicator


To lay down the procedure for the Operation, Calibration and Maintenance, of Sonicator .


This SOP is applicable for Operation, Calibration and Maintenance of the sonicator MAKE: Sonica, MODEL: 3200 in Company Name.




4.1 QC-Chemist 

4.2 QC-Executive 

4.3 QC-head


5.1  Safety Precautions:

5.1.1 Use gloves while handling equipment.

5.1.2 Don’t switch on the equipment with wet hands.

5.1.3 Wear ear plugs during the operation.

5.2 Operating procedure:

5.2.1 Turn on the main power supply and power switch of sonicator.

5.2.2 Fill the sonicator tank up to two third with water.

5.2.3 Place the Apparatus / glassware (with samples), which has to be sonicated into tank. make sure apparatus doesn’t completely dip in water.

5.2.4 Equipment can be used for sonication and degassing along with the temperature.

5.2.5  Sonication without temperature: Press timer option on the menu, for setting time press (+) to increase or ( - ) to decrease. Start sonication by pressing “ON” on menu. Sonication will be completed after given time ( indicated by a beep sound ).

5.2.6  Sonication with temperature: Press temperature option on menu, for setting temperature press (+) to increase or ( - ) to decrease. Then select time by pressing timer option on menu, adjust timer by pressing (+) to increase or ( - ) to decrease and  press “ON” to start. A red light glows until set temperature has reached, after reaching the set    temperature  red light goes off and sonication starts.

5.2.7 Degassing: Press degas option on menu, use buttons (+) to increase or (-) to decrease degassing time and then press “ON” to start. 

5.2.8 Press programme option to check remaining time for sonication or degassing and to check actual temperature in accordance with set temperature.

5.2.9 Jet Programme is used for cleaning of tank.

5.3 Calibration:

5.3.1 Calibration of the equipment should be done by the trained individual or In-house  service- engineer (or) by the external service engineer.

5.3.2 Follow the steps given under section 5.2 “operating Procedure” for the operation  of  sonicator.

5.3.3 Calibrate sonicator for timer  and temperature.

5.3.4 Timer: Calibrate the sonicator for the time with the help of calibrated stop watch. Calibrate  the time by setting the time at 15, and 30 minutes (each three times ). Record  the observed time for recommended set time in Annexure 1.

5.3.5 Temperature: Calibrate the sonicator for the temperature with the help of calibrated thermometer. Calibrate the temperature by setting the temperature at 30d egree C, 40 degree C and 60 degree C ( each three times ). Record the observed temperature for recommended set temperature in Annexure 2.

5.3.6.If the values are within acceptance criteria, accept and release sonicator for intended use.

5.3.7 If the value are out of the acceptance criteria, identify the problem, rectify the problem with the help of service engineer and recalibrate the sonicator.

5.3.8 Calibration schedule:  Once in six months.

5.4 Acceptance criteria:

5.4.1 The observed time should be within ± 10 seconds.

5.4.2 The observed temperature should be within ± 2 degree C. 

5.5   Cleaning and Maintenance:

5.5.1 Before cleaning the sonicator, disconnect the power plug from the mains socket.

5.5.2 Drain the water using drain valve.

5.5.3 Rinse and wash with fresh and clean water.

5.5.4 For cleaning the tank use purified water containing less amount of salt concentration.



  Annexure-1  Calibration Record for Timer     

  Annexure-2  Calibration Record for Temperature

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