Sanitization of Seals SOP

1.0 Objective: 

To establish a procedure for sanitization of Seals 

2.0 Scope: 

This procedure applies to the sanitization of Seals used in the Sterile production department.

3.0 Responsibility: 

Officers and Executives in the Production Department

Managers in the Production Department

4.0 Procedure:

4.1 Collect the Dispensed seals and check the quantity from BMR and bring them to washing and sterilization room.

4.2 Ensure that the IPA container is cleaned and sterilized 

4.3 Open the seal bag from upper side and dip into the 70% IPA container 

4.4 After IPA sterilization of the seals bring them into a clean and Sterilized Empty container and send the container to sealing area through dynamic pass box.

5.0 Abbreviations:

IPA: Iso Propyl Alcohol 

6.0 References:


7.0 Annexures:

ANNEXURE – I: sanitization of seals record 

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